Thursday, July 12, 2018

#Prescription and #Remedy for #Parkinson's Disease

Its easy to get #Prescription but hard to find the Remedy. How do your medicine works for you ? Its a platform to explore yourself. Session on Novel Therapeutics on #Parkinson's Disease and #Movement Disorders. provides you solution. Present your work at:
Let your paper go Global at #Spain in #Parkinsons Movement Disorder 2018.

Friday, July 6, 2018


A few people create #Dementia in the wake of living with #Parkinson's for quite a while. On the off chance that they have had issues with development for no less than a year prior encountering #Dementia, this is known as #Parkinson's_dementia. Get yourself explore in #Spain and present your research work in #Parkinson's_2018.For more details :

Friday, June 29, 2018

#DeepBrainStimulation in #Parkinson's Disease

#Deepbrainstimulation is most often offered to people with advanced #Parkinson's disease who have unstable medication (#Levodopa) responses. #DBS can stabilize medication fluctuations, reduce or halt involuntary movements (#Dyskinesias), reduce #Tremor, reduce rigidity, and improve slowing of #Movement. To explore yourself, Submit your research work and hone your leadership in Barcelona, Spain.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Opportunity to hone your leadership in Parkinsons 2018 at Spain

We would like to take the privilege to invite speakers, participants, students, delegates and exhibitors from across the globe to “World Congress on Parkinson's and Movement Disorders” to be held during November 28-29, 2018 at Barcelona, Spain, which includes prompt keynote presentations, Oral talks, Poster presentations and Exhibitions. This revered conference will be focusing on the theme “Systematic Approaches and Progressive Therapies to treat Parkinson’s and Movement disorders.”

Speakers have special benefits and Group discounts are available. 


About Conference

PULSUS Group Inc. is a Medical editor that monitors to unembellished peer-review process with a vision to set an instance in endorsing standard medical research with uprightness. PULSUS Group takes pride in getting the authorizations of prominent associations and societies like Canadian medical societies. As a zealous advocate of medical publication, PULSUS Group attentively interacts with the Canadian and other international medical research connotations. It circulates a comprehensive range of medical journals that highlights on medical subjects like cardiology, Integrative Medicine, Surgery and Reproductive Medicine. PULSUS group is indeed linked with universally eminent academic and research societies like Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons, Canadian Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Groupe pour l'Avancementde la Microchirurgie Canada and Canadian Society for Surgery of the Hand.

PULSUS Group Welcomes all the contestants over the world to attend ‘World Congress on Parkinson's and Movement Disorders’ to be ruled during November 28-29, 2018 Barcelona, Spain which has rapid keynote displays, Oral talks, Poster presentations and Exhibitions. Parkinsons and Movement Disorders 2018 endeavors to bring prominent Neurologists, Neuroscientists, Physicians, Surgeons, Professors, Instrumentalists, Medical and Industrial professions, young researchers, students and Business delegates under a solitary roof providing an opportunity to split the knowledge and scientific advancement in the ground of Parkinsons and Movement Disorder influencing the future research.

Parkinson’s and Movement Disorder 2018 is a chronic and slowly progressive disorder. This means that symptoms normally appear slowly and develop gradually over time. The stage at which symptoms appear, speed at which they progress, and the severity of those symptoms will vary from person to person. The most important point is that Parkinson’s affects everyone differently. Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders focus on a handful of disorders allowing us to build extensive experience and expertise on the treatment of these diseases. Movement disorders can be relentlessly progressive and disabling conditions. Untreatable a mere 50 years ago, there has been steady progress in the treatment of these conditions. People with Parkinson’s disease also experience stiffness and they find abnormality in carrying out the movements as rapidly as before- this is known as bradykinesia.

The Parkinson’s and Movement Disorder market in US is expected to grow at a rate of 5.3% from sales of $1.1 billion in 2012 to $1.3 billion in 2022. Approximately 1 million adults in Asia are suffering from Parkinson’s disease, from where 60,000 were diagnosed annually. An estimated of 30%-50% of PD patients mainly suffering from depression. United States is in the fourth position in considering the death of people due to Parkinson’s disease. African Americans have the highest death rate of 66.4% followed by whites of 64.6%, Hispanic with 55.4% and Asians with 50.8%. Parkinson’s disease strikes 50% more men than women. The economic burden of Parkinson’s disease on patients and their families in the Asia is about $9.4 billion

Why to attend???

World Congress on Parkinsons and Movement Disorder 2018 going to be held during November 28-29, 2018 at Barcelona, Spain is an unique platform to share the knowledge on current research.  The two-day event on Parkinsons and Movement Disorder practices will host 60+ Scientific and technical sessions and sub-sessions on cutting edge research and latest research innovations in the field of Neurology and Neuroscience across the globe.  The Conference will encourage new discoveries and research by providing a platform for reporting of unique and unusual cases which enhance understanding of disease process, its diagnosis, management and clinic-pathologic correlations. It will provide a podium for wide-ranging aspects of psychological, neurological, molecular, genetic and behavioral pathways underlying addiction, and will focus on novel therapies providing quality care for people with unhealthy alcohol, tobacco, or other drug use and addictive behaviors across a spectrum of clinical settings. It will comprise of opening Keynote lectures by the renowned researcher and noble members working in the field of Neurology disorders research and treatment followed by the special workshop and symposium sessions by eminent scholars and therapeutic members for all the two days of the conference.

Target Audience:

Neurologists, Neuroscientists, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Neurosurgeon, Physicians, Head of the department, Director, Industrial Experts, Delegates, Clinical and Community members, Professors, Researchers, Scientists, Nurses, Nutritional Scientists, Lecturers from Academia in the study of Parkinson disease and Movement Disorder, Students from Academia in the research of Neurology and Neuroscience, Therapists.

Conference Highlights

Special Issues

  •  All accepted abstracts will be published in respective Supporting International Journals.
  •  Abstracts will be provided with Digital Object Identifier by Cross Ref.